Since our foundation in 1992, customer satisfaction has been our top priority at YUMEX. To achieve this, each YUMEX employee focuses on product development and quality improvement in order to meet all customer requirements and expectations.

We have established trust as a special discharge lamp maker not only in Japan but worldwide. We specialize in producing short-arc Mercury lamps utilized in the exposure process for producing liquid crystal panel and printed circuit boards. In addition, our xenon lamps are used for digital movie theaters, amusement parks and stage theatres.

YUMEX Light Sources are proven useful in a wide array of industries such as the biotechnology and medical fields. The possibilities will be infinite, so we strive to continuously improve with our recent product developments. Moreover, we aim to produce mercury-free light source with high efficiency single wavelength UV to preserve the environment.

YUMEX action policy is to overcome the challenges through focused collective efforts. We endeavor to deliver to a broad range of customer demands and exceed expectations through continuous progress in product development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance.

Your support is highly appreciated as YUMEX leads you forward to a brighter future.

President Yoshitaka Chigi

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