YUMEX Light Technology

For the Global Information Industry

Computers and smart devices are vital on this day and age. YUMEX Mercury Lamps are used in manufacturing of liquid crystal panels, printed circuit boards and semiconductors using our cutting-edge light technology. Our high quality and long life lamps play a crucial role in this global information society.

For the Entertainment and Amusement Industry

We are constantly developing lamps to enhance your 'social life experience' in the information media, audio-visual technologies and in other such fields. Our Xenon lamps are used in projection equipment found in cinemas and theme parks. Our lamps are popular due to our high reliability and positive customers' experiences.

For the Medical and Environmental Engineering Industry

It is our duty to ensure an eco-friendly business operation. We have developed mercury-free UV lights for environment conservation. Our mercury-free lamps irradiate a narrow band of UV, making them suitable for medical and environmental applications.
In addition, our Xenon lamps are used to simulate sunlight, making testing possible without massive capital investment or environmental degradation. This allows the safe inspection of solar cells used for electric power or sunlight-related applications.

Overseas Base

Overseas Base

〒115 Rm.C2, 3F., No19-3,Sanchong Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan(R.O.C)
PHONE: +886-2-2655-2006 FAX: +886-2-2655-2002
E-mail: yumex@yumex-inc.com.tw

YUMEX DALIAN INC. (Production Division)
〒116600 E, Gas Industry Section, Dalian Export Processing Zone, P.R.of China
PHONE: +86-411-8730-6753 FAX: +86-411-8730-7048

DALIAN YUMEX I.T. CO. LTD. (Sales Division)
〒116600 NO630B, HUINENG Building, Dalian Free Trade Zone
PHONE: +86-411-8758-8518 FAX: +86-411-8758-8528
E-mail: YSHG@yumex.com.cn

〒17305 198, Hwangmu-ro 338beon-gil, Sindun-myeon,Icheon-si, Kyoungki-do, Korea
PHONE: +82-31-638-1756 FAX: +82-31-638-1758
E-mail: gscho@yumex.co.kr

〒368324 150 Kampong Ampat #05-06 KA Centre Singpore
PHONE: +65-6484-4122 FAX: +65-6484-4770
Email: sales@yumex.com.sg

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