YUMEX is trying day and night to develop applied products using lamp item.
Though machine, optical and control design, we improve and develop products aiming at making the best products for user.

Light Soldering System

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Light Soldering System is a noncontact soldering device which is using infrared rays from xenon lamp.
It is possible to apply to extensive shape due to high-speed scanning by Galbano mechanism.
Also, it is possible to control a variety of heating temperatures and heating control curve by using light control by PID (Proportion Integration Differential).
This contributes to solve any soldering defection.

Light Soldering System

Direct Exposure Device

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This Exposure Device is mask-less exposure machine using Texas Instruments Incorporated 0.7XGA DMD.
This device is able to do halftone pattern by giving gray level data other than usual aligner work.
It has a wide application, such as trial production of high-frequency strip-line and printed circuit board, and titler that should change exposure data every time including trial production of MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems).

Direct Exposure Device

Present lamp maker should develop innovative replacement light source which does not use mercury because mercury has high environmental burden.
Yumex develops mercury replacement products and exposures replacement technology though various work.
We try to develop next-generation products by which you feel ecology closely.

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Mercury-Free Narrow Band Deep-UV light source using (aluminum nitride) film with a rare-earth element gadolinium. Emitting ultra narrow band single-frequency is the good point of this light source.
It is expected to spread widely to ultra violet application field instead of usual mercury lamp.
We are aiming for solving environmental problems by spread of mercury-free ultra violet rays light source.

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This Mercury-Free Deep-UV light source, using plasma tube array developed by this work, has the strong point of high efficiency and long life due to large degree of flexibility for shape and size.
This is expected to apply to new fields such as medical-care and environment.
Especially, bactericidal effect using deep UV light source is useful for making relieved life.

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