Large Mercury Short Arc Lamps (Higher Wattage)

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Super High-Pressure Mercury Lamps are light sources developed to effectively radiate Ultra Violet wavelengths ranging from 300 to 450 nanometers. The extended life and superior spatial arc stability make these light sources the perfect choice for the manufacturers of PCB, LCD, PDP and other technologies requiring very accurate, high-definition processes. We can supply 2kW-25kW high-precision lamps with longer life span catering to clients' specifications.


Small Mercury Short Arc Lamps (Lower Wattage)

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Small Super-High Pressure Mercury Lamps and Mercury-Xenon Short Arc Lamps generate radiation less than or equal to 365 nanometers providing an excellent source for shortwave UV applications. These light sources are developed for spot-cure system and exposure of semi-conductors, requiring powerful ultraviolet wavelength. These small short arc lamps are characterized by its special proprietary electrode design providing a longer life span.


SSD (Super Small Discharge) Lamp

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SSD Lamps generate extremely high amounts of stable visible light over a small arc profile. This lamp is suited to image processing due to light output stability, and thus used for inspection processes of LCD, semi-conductors and so on.


Long Arc Lamps

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These lamps emit peak radiated energy at specific spectral wavelengths and various portions of the spectrum. Various types include High-Pressure Mercury lamp, Gallium lamp and Metal-Halide lamps.


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